Tuesday, July 19, 2011

One Dead, One Missing, One Remains

Cast of Characters
Paltar, spearman mercenary - Rob
Cal, mage - Dwayne
Lazareth, two weapons mercenary - Brian (not present)

After the players regrouped from the undead attack, Paltar with his lame arm in a sling unable to weild a spear still travelled North into the Harrow Hills Barony.  On the way refugees were fleeing the barony.  Cal met with one of his mages who warned him not to go.  "The ground moves like water.  Waves of earth are killing everyone."  Being without protection Cal sent Lazareth with her for protection. 

Now I am not one to come at my players straight on.  I like to play preconceptions and mess them up, but within the rules of the game of course.  With the giant, the players were thinking it was going to be a tall, humanoid that stinks and has a large club.  Nope.  What the players ran into was a primal mana titan.  One of the creatures that produce mana for the world.

Well they managed to kill it using some clever tactics and a lot of luck.  This thing threw waves of earth and stone, root tentacles grabbed and stabbed.  It planted itself into the earth and created an earthen whirlpool that obilterated poor Paltar.  The first casualty of the campaign.  It was a good death.

The aftermath will be played out in person.  Dwayne is traveling ino town this weekend so we can sit around a real table and roll some real dice.  Looking forward to that.  But there will be some interesting results because of this.  The grandmaster of the guild has assigned Cal to build his team. 

The best part will be playing in person.
Inspiration for my giant.


  1. It was an awesome session and a lot of luck did play out. However the clues that you put out there where just enough not to give it away but help change my plan.

    It is nice coming in with a pre conception of big humaniod use medusa head on him make gaint statue for the front gates of the keep to oh shit.

    The waves of earth, flying objects and mana bolts where very original too. Just sad Paltar could not levitate or put up a missle shield.

  2. The Mana Titan sounds cool!

    And I'm amused to see that someone else has fallen under the spell of Gordon Ramsay! He's my hero! :)

  3. Glad you liked it. It was fun.

    James > Ramsey has been one of my favorites for many years now. I really like the UK Kitchen Nightmares over the American ones which are way, way over produced. A new season of Hell's Kitchen Begins as Master Chef ends.

  4. That idea of a primal mana titan is genius.

  5. Nice. If you have any stats for that bad boy I would love to see them.

  6. Human Folly > I thought so.

    Christian > One primal mana titan stat block coming up...well probably tomorrow.

  7. Sounds like an awesome encounter! Interesting to hear about different gaming styles, as such a session would be unusual for me. I rarely run fewer than 5-6 characters, and PC death, while it happens, is a rare event, usually no more than once or twice in a whole campaign and almost never before someone has completed a personal story arc.

  8. I came, played, and died. It was a lot of fun. There was some frustration mostly at some of the poor dice rolls I was getting, but Tim did a great job with the encounter.