Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Neoclassical Geek Revival

I really do like getting things in the mail and lately the post office has been a candy shop.  The other day I go to the post office and another parcel waited for me.  This one was from Zzarchov over at Unofficial Games.  I received a copy of Neoclassical Geek Revival, it's his homebrew rules in a very old school style of book.  It is very cool.  He has a lot of good ideas about container rules and carrying capacity.  And some great ideas about armor and weapon tags.  I think he said he may have one or two left.  If you have a chance go ping him for one.  It's a good read and very old school.  I love the look of the book and the feel of the paper.  Thanks Zzarchov for sharing your homerules with me.  I learned a lot.

And now some seductive pictures (que the wah wah music):

The dent in the right corner was there when I got it.  Apparently there a still a few disgruntled Canadian postmen.

The simplicity of it has got a sex appeal and looks great in my OSR section.

The reveal.  A little taste of the goods.  But just a taste.


  1. Guh, damn postal workers. My apologies. If we are ever at the same Con I'll be more than happy to swap it out for an dent free copy.

  2. Zzarchov: A big congrats to you for all the hard work you did. Looks good.

    I don't think the dent matters. As Tim is famous for dropping books off his nightstand at night. Followed by many colorful words and phrases.


  3. Zz, no worries. As Whisk knows if there is a dent in anything my standard is "It adds character". Wouldn't swap it for shiny new one at all. This one is a little banged up, just like. But if we are at a con I'll take you up on runnning me through a gem using those rules.