Saturday, April 7, 2012

Notice of Impending Assassination

One of the props I like to use in game is a billboard.  I've written about it a couple of times.  I was cleaning up the office and found an old disc.  A group of assassins known as the Death Arrows post Death Certificates on the billboard.  Why would a assassin guild do this?

The first part of the answer is The Death Arrows are civilized and business men.  They believe it's proper to give someone a chance to put their affairs in order.   There is no known case where someone escaped a contract. 

The second part, it allows others to seek compensation for outstanding loans.

And lastly, it gives the target a sporting chance.  Though once their death is proclaimed it's only a matter of time before they assume room temperature, but the Death Arrows prefer to give a fighting man a chance to not go quietly into the ever night. 

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  1. What a great bit of campaign flair! I especially like the part about giving creditors a chance to collect - sort of like professional courtesy between businessmen. With your premission, I might employ that in my next game.

  2. I love this, such a great idea!

  3. Alric Please use what ever you like. That's why I post it.

    Matt It's fun. Especially for players who ride on the edges. I only had one character have a contract on his head. He thought if he changed the name on the billboard it wouldn't count. Ha. When they caught him and dragged him out to his grave he saw the marker name was the name he'd changed it to on the billboard. The Death Arrows had a good laugh before they planted him. Assassins enjoy a bit of levity.

  4. This is the kind of idea that makes a world feel more strange, and for me a very good example of one. It's simple, but a lot could revolve round it.

  5. I really like the "putting affairs in order" and the "collecting outstanding loans" aspects of this. It actually makes them seem even colder -- just pure businessmen, trying to keep good relations with the other businessmen of the community (some of whom may be clients, no doubt).

  6. By the Four Elemental Gods, I love this idea. I'm importing it to the Black-Blooded Earth, perhaps with a different guild name.

  7. Steal... err, adopting this for our game-world. Will work perfectly for an assassins group based out of an Egyptian themed nation where they believe that you can indeed "take it with you."

    Imagine the victim trying to amass all the wealth he can before expiring while all his debtors are trying to squeeze him dry.

    Excellent post!

  8. Nice! Why have I never thought of using a billboard before? I've had them in-world, but never thought of having them as an actual prop.

    Oh, and hi! Great blog you've got here.