Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Thing-a-Ma-Jiggy Goes Into the Whatcha-Ma-Call It

It took four weeks, but we successfully got together for a game night, another session into the depths of +Ken H's Monteport megadungeon.  Introductions are in order.
  • GM - the a fore mentioned +Ken H, who is under investigation for arms dealing to the United Fascist Pacifists of Irony.
  • Skull +Rob Conley who to everyone surprise has not gotten naked or peed on anything yet.  His character Skull, not Rob.
  • Septimus - me.  The moral compass of this group of malcontents.   
  • Allric - The notorious +Chris C. whose crimes against humanity are too numerous to list.  
It Began with Politics...
After a much political discussion, which was actually quite interesting, despite my complete lack of giving a shit one way or another.  That's when you know you have a great group of guys, you can have a discussion on politics without it devolving into the mindless, reactionary bullshit that seems to permeate the news these days.  

The Recap and Start
Then after a quick recap of where we left off because it was a month ago and I couldn't remember shit.  Down two levels, we are headed to the forth level to find a fabled dwarven city.  We check for wounds and begin.

The Cultist in the Hoodie
We left off facing these group of 'gaunts' tall lanky dudes with halberds.  They're squishy, but they hit hard.  They were led by some teen-ager with a hoodie.  We sleep the gaunts, hoodie runs off and gets more gaunts.  We sleep those gaunts and tell the hoodie to beat it.  Hoodie is a follower of Elias the One.  We told him to pound salt and get out of the way.

Fake It Until You Make It
We go down a ladder.  We're now in the third level.  A new section of the map. We are approached by another follower of Elias the One.  Here's the thing.  None of these hoodie wearing fuckers have ever met Elias.  So I start bossing him around as if I were sent from Elias.  I must have been convincing because he and his gaunts hightailed it out of there.  Two encounters no kills.  

The Machine!
We enter a room with this huge machine.  Ken developed an interesting series of things we had to do to get it to work.  We didn't know what it would do once we did start it, but damn it I was gonna push some buttons!  After a few failures we discovered we needed to put an object on this copper plate.  I put my shield on it. Successfully navigate the buttons and wa-la.  

Black Jack is Born
I pick up my shield and it starts talking to me.  Insulting me.  Ken enjoys giving magic items that insult the characters.  Chris said, "You should name it blackjack. Hit me.  Hit me."  That was so bad I had to name it that.  So Black Jack was born.  

The End
With Thanksgiving next week we decided to skip another week.  Arg!  Septimus is only a few experience points away from reaching 5th level in Bloody Basic.  I believe 6th level it the top level.  I am truly surprised he's lived this long.  Interesting sessions with no kills and a big puzzle to solve.  It was good time.   


  1. My shadow is long and ominous, my laughter deep and foreboding.

  2. Everytime I see "do not push button" I automatically think of Titan A.E.
    There's a really smart alien on the crew of the ship, and in his sleep he built some gizmo. He says something along the lines of "it has a button and I really want to push it, but I don't know what it does! it could blow up the whole ship.... I'm so curious".

    Sounds like it was a fun session!