Saturday, January 14, 2017

We Achieved More Cowbell!

Cast of Characters

It had been many months since we last gamed.  Since then Erik created Swords & Wizardry Light, Doug created a Kickstarter and funded his Dungeon Grappling and Peter keeps writing interesting article for GURPS and getting kneed in the face by friends.  Erik being our task master for the evening, we were using his own ruleset, Swords and Wizardry Extra Light.  In this case extra light doesn't mean less, it means more.  It includes some of the sub classes like ranger and paladin.  We made characters and headed to the mayor's house.  

The Mayor

A nervous, twitchy man with sweaty palms and smelled of raw turnips, spoke to us in quick bursts.  Goblins led by an ogre had stolen from caravans.  Trade is down.  He offered us 25gp, or a Healing Potion, and a little money on the back end if we returned.  He also provided us thee items he'd gathered from the rooms of now dead adventurers.  Moldleaf chose a silvered dagger, Aafiuran chose two vials of holy water and Bertrum was left to collect the mysterious, unlabeled, blue potion.  

We Have More Cow Bell
A guide escorts to the place then leaves.  We find ourselves standing in front a dwarven tomb.  "Princess Kalishan Lays to Rest Here" in dwarven runes over the entrance.  

The double door entrance is wrecked.  There is a hole large enough for a battle hobbit to enter.  Bertrum sees a sleeping goblin with a cowbell over his head.  Bertrum puts an arrow in the goblin's chest.  The others enter.  The party just leveled up, we have achieved more cow bell!

To Charm an Ogre
We head right.  We find a room of goblins gambling and drinking.  Surprising there is no fight.  We hesitate to attack as they did.  And that's when Idi showed.  An ogre with subtle motivations.  Moldleaf charmed him.  As far as ogres go, Idi was reasonable.  He expressed fear over the bones and 'stunties' to the north.  

Show us.

After Idi ripped off a lock pair of doors we enter a dwarven tomb.  It had the words "Here lies our lord in rest".

"Let's wake the fucker up."

Warning: Hairy Ass Image Imminent 
A coffin.  A coffin lid.  Shove.  Shove.  Ghoul.  It missed.  Bertrum didn't. Aafiuran tossed a holy water grenade into its mouth and turned it into black ash soup.  We dug through the goo and found some loot.  

As we did this, five of the six doors we did not check behind us fell open and skeletons came out.  Idi, the ogre chickenshit ran into the tomb with us.  This was my view for a few rounds.

After avoiding that sight Bertrum formed a halfling wall in the doorway to keep the bones out.  He did a surprisingly good job.  After whacking and hacking we were bloody, but alive.

One door didn't open.  So we opened it.  Found another crypt.  The real crypt.  A little tip for tomb raiders, never settle for the first crypt you encounter.  It's nearly always a fake.  The real good crypt is hidden somewhere.  Another tip, don't stand behind a frightened ogre.

I Detect Elves Nearby
Crypt.  Lid.  Push.  Push.  Horrible creature within.  Idi stood strong this time whacking the creature.  And for the killing blow, our little elven mage, Moldleaf, who'd missed air when he swung, decided to throw his silvered dagger he received from the mayor and planted in between the eyes of the creature.  Dead as dead gets.

Loot begins.  We each get a magic item.  Bertrum gets a +1 short sword that detects elves.  Traveling with two elves, that power should come in handy.  We give Idi some pimp cup we found.  He likes it.  

Let's Make a Deal
After some exploration, the B-team discusses the raiding the ogre is doing with his goblins.  For a small fee, the ogre and his tribe of goblins will protect the caravans when they come through the territory.  An unconventional solution to the situation.  We like it.

We return to town inform the mayor of the deal.  He was less than pleased.  But after some quick talk, Moldleaf convinced the Mayor it was a good thing, it increased his military power.  He liked the idea of that. 

We ended the session with more cowbell.  Win.