Sunday, August 23, 2020

Joethelawyer interview Rob Conley and myself today. He's been wanting to do this for about a year ever since he figured out Rob and I have been friends for about 40 years.

Here's the Anchor link to Joe's podcast, No-So-Wondrous Imaginings. If you have a podcatcher I suggest listening to it on that. Anchor tends to suck.

Rob and I discuss our gaming history together. There is a lot of back pats and appreciation going on, but it's honest. Rob is good people and a good friend. And so is Joe. It was a fun interview. I learned a couple of things I didn't know.

I hope you give it a listen. And consider listening to Joe's other podcasts with his brother. They're hilarious. These two sit around a fire, drinking and smoking pot talking about D&D like excited 11 year-olds.

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