Friday, October 22, 2010

Blogging is a Strange and Wonderful Thing

Sometimes this blog thing is a strange and wonderful thing. A couple days ago I wrote a short, fill in blog about medieval bathroom accessories. Actually didn't write about them just showed them. I thought it would give a few people a laugh and a few people might actually get it for a gift. Then the blog entry would drift into the ether of the blogoshpere. Not so.

In two days I have had nearly 1000 hits for that blog. By far the most hits I've ever had for any blog I've written. On a good day for me I might get 150 hits. A great day I may get 200. You know what? That's not the weirdest thing about all this fascination with medieval toiletry items. The weirdest thing is almost half of those hits came from Texas. I have no explanation. I don't even have a guess as to why Texas has bombarded my site. I would love to know what the obsession is with knights holding toilet paper or a crapper cover in the shape of a shield is with the Texans. I'm not judging. I'm just wondering.


  1. That's funny. Blog stats are really weird things.

  2. That it is. I wrote an off-topic post a while back, and it is still the biggest hit-attractor of every post I've got - at least half a dozen each day since... But your toilet is weirder by far.

    The internets, you gotta love it :)

  3. My biggest traffic draw of all time and continuously is just something to do with village maps. But I mentioned the word Chumash in the post. The only thing I can figure is California elementary school teachers are looking for Chumash indian village maps to show their classes.

    I feel bad they are all leaving unsatisfied. I even went hunting for Chumash village maps, but alas, they don't exist.

  4. Those Texans, with their bathroom / spanish inquisition fetishes...