Friday, October 8, 2010

My Source for Gaming

It's Friday! Now give me the badge for being Mr. Obvious. It's supposed to be a great weekend in my neck of the woods so I plan to drive through the country, look at trees and enjoy the fall. This time of year is always the best, there is a festival every weekend. Halloween stuff in the stores. Great weather. The season is a huge inspiration for my gaming.

I know gaming was born from the strategy, militaristic do dads of this army against that army, but for me, the hobby I play, is born from scary stuff. It has more of its roots in horror than strategy. Romans vs. Gauls has less impact than Dracula and werewolves. As I've gotten older the strategy aspect plays a larger role, but for me, being hunted by some unseen thing is the best. The fall always reminds me of this. The fall reminds me to have fun with the game (yes, sometimes I need reminding) and not to take it too serious.

So go out this week and play in the leaves. Write a fun adventure with a scary thing that hunts the party. Play a game and have fun. And I give you permission to open those bags of Halloween candy early to get a few goodies for yourself.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Before we could afford D&D, we used to play our own games with frankensteins, draculas, werewolves, and ghosts as the only monsters. We knew nothing about such things as rust monsters but we still had a blast. :)