Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Driving NPCs Insane

I realized in last night's game session I've been running a very nasty elf. He is one sadistic s.o.b. I had justified some of his behaviors because of one slight or another, but last night my retribution (for a 150sp) had driven an NPC insane. The Warden, leader of a band of thugs known as the Madmen, flipped his lid. He obsessed about killing me drawing horrible little pictures on the wall and allowed himself to be possessed by a demon just to get at little old Ashling.

That's a first for me and I have to admit a little satisfying. I'd written what Ashling had done to this guy before in, Always Pay the Elf. This time the party had struck up deal with the powers that be and I wanted to live in the bastille where the Madmen lived. We marched in and took out all the low level thugs with sleep spells. Convinced one of the lieutenants he had a bright future with us and no future with the Madmen. Webbed the guard outside the Warden's door and this is where Ashling got a bit nasty again.

The door was locked barricaded and trapped. Since I'd been in the room before I teleported in. Don't you hate when all your preparation goes to crap in an instant? On the walls are several depictions of me being killed in various and horrible ways. His place looked clean and organized when I first was in here and now it looked a mess. This is when I realized I'd knocked this guy over the edge. A short trip to get there, but never the less he was flat out obsessed with killing me. So begins the third and final stage our encounters.

So while the Warden slept I poured oil over myself, on and around his bed. I have a Ring of Fire Resist so no worries and Rob let me play it out without getting rulesy on me. So I lit myself on fire and start shouting the Warden's real name, Mok. Mok wakes up terrified, but realizes who I am and screams, "I'm ready for you this time elf!" and pulls a sword from under his pillow. I place my burning hand on the bed and whoosh the bed is on fire. He wasn't prepared for that and scrambled away and huddled in the corner.

"I'll bet you wish you paid me that 150sp." But this wasn't about that any longer. It was about me killing the Warden and taking his place. He attacked me, but knocked himself out on my wall of force. The others came in Oelander and Syrinvald, we saw he had a demon necklace charm. Took it off and he began to transform. Oelander shoved his demon slayer sword into the Warden and killed him.

Now before we even started this I told them let me have the Warden and Oelander went ahead and killed him anyhow. Now I am not going to start drawing pictures on the wall, but I wish I was the one who killed the Warden.

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  1. You guys always have fun when you game on Mondays. Very cool.

    Chicken in the frig. See you tonight. Smooch.

    PS: Four more days until Halloween vacation. Time to break out my pretty pink dice and kill some zombies.

    Life is good.