Monday, October 11, 2010

My Hat is in the Ring

I sent in a logo for 'company' I will be publishing my gaming books under. I chose the name GM Games to be company name. Originally I was going to go with Gothridge Manor Games, but that didn't fit in the hex. I played around with it and liked GM Games because of the obvious, initials of my blog and game master. I made a simple logo and sent it to RPGNow to get started. Now I have to figure out Lulu and get my webpage set up. So if see a random burst of swears appear on this blog you know I've been trying to figure that stuff out.

The first three products I have set up are adventures. The first will be the adventure Knowledge Illuminates. Second will be a reworking of Starter Adventures. I plan on keeping what I have now as a free download, but Rob Conley is going to provide maps and I plan on doubling the entries for the published Starter Adventures. And the third product is called The Mine of Rot and Disease. All these are low level adventures.

I hope to have my first adventure posted by next weekend. We'll see how it goes. Wish me luck. Have a good Monday.


  1. Great to see this Tim. Looking forward to seeing your releases.

  2. Good luck in your game producing endeavors!

  3. I wish you good luck as well.


  4. Thanks for all the good lucks. I will bank them for when I get frustrated.