Sunday, October 17, 2010

Please Help

Hi Guys. This is Ivy, Tim's wife. I'm writing to you all for help.

We can't get my Wonder Woman image to show when I follow a blog. But she does work in comments. How do I get her to work when I follow?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Much thanks, in advance.


  1. It's possible that you are not following a blog publicly. When you follow a blog, make sure you select to follow it publicly and your avatar will appear.

  2. Thanks. I'll go try that right now. So far, I'm only following Tim's. I'll redo it and see if I had my thing set wrong. Thanks.

  3. Hi again, Christian. I checked and I was following publicly. Thanks, it was worth a shot. I appreciate the tip :-)

    PS: I found that cheese at the market. Whew, expensive. Bet it's yummy though.

    Back to this blogger thing ...

  4. A silhouette shows when I follow Tim's blog. But no little image of Wonder Woman.

  5. The filename contains a period '.' - some systems may look for a period to know where the suffix (jpg, gif, png).

    Don't just rename the file. Try reloading it in an image editor or viewer and re-save it. Then resubmit the image.

    Another possibility is a color profile glitch.

  6. Hi Scottsz,

    Will try that now. Thanks.

  7. I imported the image into Xara, then resaved as a GIF. I removed the old images from both my profile and my Google account, and then resubmitted the new image at both places.

    Not sure if that's what you meant.

    I'm lost :-(

  8. When I visit your blog, I don't see a link to your profile. When I look at my own profile at I notice the first checkbox indicating that my profile is "public" – is yours?

  9. Hi Alex. I will go check. Thanks everybody.

  10. Try following someone else's blog. When I've changed my avatar in the past, following a new blog has made the new avatar update on all the blogs I'm following.

  11. Hi James - I am now following yours, still a silhouette :-(

    Hi Alex - I added my profile to my page and it is clicked to share profile. Is there another place for me to make it public?

  12. Hello again, Guys.

    When you have changed your avatar, where did you change it at?

    I've gone into both my profile to upload photo and my Google Account. Not sure if they are conflicting or what I'm doing wrong.


  13. I've always gone in from my blogger dashboard.

  14. Thanks Everyone for all your great helps. Wonder Woman's head is showing. Woohoo.

    Poor Tim got breakfast this morning but nothing else. He's been picking at the tops of the personal-sized apple crisps, so I better go get him real food, before all the toppings are gone.

    Thanks much guys. Happy Gaming :-)