Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My 15 Games

These are various games that got me playing. They are not in any real order. There is a mix of RPGs, board games, video games and one card game.

1. AD&D, it started it all.

2. GURPS, more 3rd edition than 4th, but still love getting me some GURPS.

3. Atari 2600: Adventure, 1st D&D game on video.

4. Risk, pretty much everyone has this on their list.

5. Titan, I'm surprised this one is not on more lists.

6. Monopoly, are you kidding who could forget this one.

7. Cyberball, robot football, these guys are allowed knock the crap out of one another with getting fined.

8. Ultima Online, my first on-line addition. Spend way too much time on this game.

9. Cyberpunk, very cool game with a lot of great moments.

10. Swords & Wizardry and Castles & Crusades are tied here. C&C drew me in initially, but it was S&W that made me stay.

11. Pendragon, love this game and have never ran one. Something about the books that just gets my imagination churning.

12. Trouble, loved popping the little bubble over the die and first game I think I had a strategy.

13. Magic the Gathering, our group got in at the beginning and played the hell out of it, but it burned out fast.

14. OSRIC, definitely a great game that doesn't seem to get as much play as some of the retro clones.

15. Madden 93, first Madden game I think, may have been 92. Finally a football game that I always wanted.


  1. Oh yes, '92 Madden! I still have my Sega Geniuses and have been threatening to hook it up to the t.v.