Sunday, October 31, 2010

Vancian Halloween Presents

My wife and I exchange weird and cool gifts on Halloween every year. It's a lot of fun and sometimes they are better presents than gotten on Christmas. Finally, after going into my 5th decade of gaming I am going to read Jack Vance's, The Dying Earth. I've heard about it for so long I finally figured I might as well take the time to read it. So my gift this year was Tales of the Dying Earth. Includes all four books. So I am looking forward to taking the week off and indulging in a book that helped shape our obsessive hobby. Have a great Halloween and I hope you get something fun for yourself.

Those of you who already know The Happy Whisk, my wife, is dressed up for Halloween this year. Although when she spins too much in the living room she runs into things.


  1. Hey Babe. Happy Oogie Boogie Day, to you the most. Smooch :-)

  2. Enjoy the read! Be sure to share your impressions with us.

  3. I doubt you'll be disappointed, one of my favourite reads of . . . ever. Happy Halloween to you both :)