Sunday, October 17, 2010

Knowing When Not to Game

Yesterday was our monthly game that Rob does on Saturdays. I attend this game irregularly. Well, I woke up in one pissy ass mood. Can't explain it just woke up irritated and angry. It was a beautiful fall day, was off of work, got paid the day before and gaming to look forward to in the afternoon so what the hell did I have to be grumpy about?

Well after a few hours my bad mood wouldn't budge. It was going to plant its big fat ass on my Saturday. I called Rob on Skype and told him that I wouldn't be making it to the game. The last thing I wanted to do was spoil a gaming night. That's sacrilege.

I've been in games where a player was in a crappy mood and vented it out in game. Spoils the fun for everyone and I refuse to be 'that guy'. So the better part of valor, common sense or courtesy I stayed home. Sometimes you just gotta know when to call it a day.


  1. Interesting.
    I aways find that gaming cheers me up, so is usually just the thing when I am in a bad mood. However, I do have to be willing to let go. To each his own!

  2. I enjoyed Paladin's post, because sometimes, there's just days like these. I still gotta find Kermit signing the song. Was busy with the whole Wonder Woman and not feeding my husband, thing.

    'night all.

  3. @dave> Normally that's how it works for me. Some game time with friends and my bad mood has set sail for another shore. For what ever reason it wasn't going anywhere.

    @the Happy Whisking Wonder Woman>The apple crisps were excellent. My only complaint is you put them in 'personal' sizes. All personal size means is they are small. I need two personal sizes.

  4. It was the same with me but Sunday instead. I guess that impending issues with stuff happening this week kinda spoiled the mood and I didn't want to go into a game with that attitude. As there's only me and Junior Grognard involved, there was no real social imperative to run it; perhaps when we get more players involved, I'll have that "I can't pull out, I'll be letting the guys down" vibe to keep me focussed.

  5. Yeah, there really are days like that ....

  6. It does happen. it's worse when you're the DM and you then let your group talk you into running the game anyway, and fill a glass with cheap wine to help ease things along.

    Needless to say not my best session.

    Hope you get to feeling better!