Monday, October 11, 2010

Canadian Thanksgiving

My wife, Ivy, has started her blog The Happy Whisk and is celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving today with a gruesome little picture that made me laugh. Her blog is primarily about cooking, but with gaming influences. So check out her blog if you like food and or gaming. And please let her know how pretty her pink dice are, she's been dying to kill some zombies with them.

Oh, and a Happy Thanksgiving from me to our neighbors to the north.


  1. Thanks for the shout out, Babe. The chicken is resting and the mash, nearly done.


  2. And a happy thanksgiving to your and your family!

  3. As a Norwegian planning to migrate to beautiful Canada, happy thanksgiving!

  4. It looks good. I don't know how many followers you've got yet but I'm one. And can I get a bagel recipe please? yum! :P

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  5. Hi Dungeonmum - I'd love to give you the recipe. I'm fixing to make bagels this weekend and will post all the yummy details.