Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Wolfman has Nards!

Last night my wife and I sat down to watch a cool little movie called the Monster Squad. A very 80s movie. I think the scariest thing about it is the soundtrack and the ways some of the characters dress. A game we play is which actors have been in either X-Files, Babylon 5 or the Sopranos. It's amazing how many actors have been in those three series. The one pilot was in the Sopranos and the vampire was in Babylon 5, but I don't think we say anyone from the x-files, but I think the dad may have been.

The premise of the movie is that there is a balance of power between good and evil except every one hundred years when the balance tips to evil. To counter this a virgin must read a spell so a vortex opens and sucks the evils out of the world. The evil is a reluctant wolfman, a cool looking mummy, creature from the Black Lagoon which was only there in cameos, Dracula was the mastermind, and the best was Tom Noonan's portrayal Frankenstein's monster.

The cast of kids include a bunch of monster expert kids around 11. They discover the plot and go about foiling Dracula's plan. I have to say, for being a kids movie where parents are often pushed into nonexistence in this one the interaction between the main boy and his father was great. I loved the scene where they are sitting on the roof watching a drive in movie through binoculars eating Burger King (which must have been a sponsor since it was prominent through out the movie).

This is a great little movie for older kids. There is some swearing. The only part I did not like and was completely unneeded was Dracula's confrontation with the little girl. There is a lot of good, simple fun where the monsters are the stars and the kids are the heroes.

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  1. Noonan was great. "Ssc...scary" Breaks my heart.

    I agree, the addition of the dad was well-done. I like how the kid got the five bucks anyway and the scene on the roof.

    Great movie. In my top 4.