Monday, July 30, 2012

Corpse Flies: A Repost for OSR Monster Month

Corpse Flies
HD: 1/2  AC: 14  Dam: 1-2* 

The smell of corpses was thick.  Same smell came from the flies.  Those goddamn flies.  I'd never seen such large flies before.  Black as night and as large as a man's clenched fist.  Their bite is like someone driving a nail through your flesh.  Don't let too many of those latch onto you or they'll drink you dry before you can collapse to the ground. 

Bury the dead.  Burn the dead.  If one fly finds a body within a few days you'll have hundreds of them.  For some reason they don't bother with animals.  Just people. 

I've heard of some getting bit by a single corpse fly and getting sick.  Very sick.  The corpse cough.  An old priest told me to wash out the wounds with rancid beer.  I told that old priest beer never lasted that long enough around my house to go rancid.  He nodded like I was being a amusing child and told me to flush out the wound as soon as I could.  He then pulled back a blood splattered sheet and showed me two people suffering from corpse cough.  Gaunt and mindless.  They just laid there and moaned until the cough was on them.  The cough jerked their bodies and blood sprayed from their mouths.  The priest told me to stay clear of the blood.  Then he thanked the gods that this would be their last day.  Said the corpse cough took a couple of weeks to eat a man from the inside.  Nothing but suffering.  Goddamn flies.