Sunday, July 29, 2012


You choke on your morning coffee as an odd shadow passes before your kitchen window.  Too many late nights playing video games and the large extra cheese pizza you devoured has slowed your reflexes so by the time you get to the window whoever, whatever made the shadow was gone.  Being in the country its not unusual to see wildlife wandering through, but this was different. Must have been a cloud.  Maybe the wind blew the tree branch around. 

The toaster clicks and your Pop Tarts jump into view.  You grab them and regret it as they burn your finger tips.  Not wanting to do dishes you toss them on a paper towel and head back to the kitchen table.  But as you turn you drop them to the floor as a black reptilian head looks directly at you through the window. 

Before you can move you feel something hard on your shoulder as another one pushes you to into your chair.  Nearby you hear a high pitch whirl like the sound of an old camera that just took a picture.  A short hiss burst out of the creature's mouth as it looks to the floor at the fallen Pop Tarts. 

That's when you noticed they're dressed in suits made of black.  The light seems to slide off the material making it difficult for you to see any details.  Except when you glance into their face and feel your body involuntarily tremble.  All those horror survival video games should have prepared you for this. 

The high pitch whirling sounds gets louder as another one of the creatures comes into view holding a concave circular object that changed colors.  The slight ache you felt is now intensifying to the point where you eyes go blurry and the colored light from the object can be seen even with your eyes closed.  You feel the pressure in your building.  Your stomach lurches and the undigested remnants of the extra cheese pizza erupt from your mouth.  Some where you here a disgusted hiss and just a brief sense of satisfaction.

When you wake up your inside a net hanging over a pit with smoke rolling out.  You struggle to free yourself, but as you do a low horrific growl comes from the pit.  You see something coming out of the pit.  You scream, but you don't get to finish it.