Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Campaign Wrap Up

The campaign concluded last night with a series of Micheal Bay explosions.  It started out with a cleric who did not quite die awoken in the study of his dead goddess and was guided to so something he didn't quite understand.  It was my duty as a GM to make it confusing. 

Meanwhile the other party members were facing off with an old PC that managed to possess two very powerful artifacts.  Some were overwhelmed with awe and fell to their knees groveling.  Others managed to resist and picked away at the mage.  It wasn't until the cleric showed up with his rejuvenated sense of holiness that he fought back the dark power.

The ground shook under them as the mage they battle vanished.  Up from the ground erupted an undead Tarasque.  Within a chest cavity where its heart one was, the mage possessed the book that its dark tendril energies ran through the beast as if it was the heart pumping dark energy through it like blood. 

Here is an amusing picture of the undead Tarasque drawn by a player while in Fantasy Grounds.


The cleric had gained a dagger in the study of his goddess.  One that heals rather than harms.  And when he plunged the dagger into the beast the white energy within fought back the black tendrils.   As this happened the Tarasque transformed.  Where the white energy traveled it left behind what looked to be human skin.  The players whittled down the beast.  Two of them nearly dying in the process.  When it was done a giant of man lay before them. 

The mage had been expelled from its heart and fled in the hole.  The Bard and thief gave chase and killed the mage and the artifacts of the helmet and black book fell at their feet.  That's when they noticed they were standing on a glass floor.  The cleric knew he needed to break the glass and he did so.

There me met is dead goddess.  She told him he needed to heal the giant.  The former god of the dead that had slain her and made war on the other gods before his final defeat and death.  To restore the balance he needed to be returned to his station.  The party was split on this, but they went ahead and agreed.

A battle commended.  As they found the current god of the dead sent a small force to kill the goddess so neither could be restored.  So as the cleric fought in the arena the other protected the goddess in the stands. 

Victory was had in both battles and both gods restored, but at some cost to themselves.  The other death god fled, but not before warning the players they were now his personal enemy. 

As the giant god and the goddess returned their realm, the party stood in the middle of a massive wasteland waiting for them to rebuild and conquer.


  1. Excellent wrap up to your campaign!

    Also, just got The Manor this morning and started reading. I love "Hugo's Healing Potions."

  2. Meeting your god in their home (plane) to get an enchanted dagger, then taking on an undead tarrasque, then taking on gods?! Now THAT's how a campaign should end! Bravo!