Thursday, July 12, 2012

Character Creation, No Funneling Involved

by Jesse Riggle
With the conclusion of my campaign this past Monday, my group is already laying the plans out for the next one.  After playing over a year of Majestic Wilderlands Swords  Wizardry and about a year with my campaign playing a pretty much pure AD&D we decided to switch it up and get back to GURPS 4th edition.  Putting the d20s away for a bit.

Ron Conley will be running this one.  It is set in a different section of the Majestic Wilderlands I've rarely played in.  He said think of King Arthur/Game of Thrones type setting.  And our group has grown again.  We will have six players involved.  I rarely play in games where there is more than four, so this should be fun.

After a short discussion we decided to be a band of mercenaries with various skills and oddities.  I believe one guys is playing some sort of puppeteer.  In GURPS you can make the work for you.  One is going to be a disgraced knight.  Not sure about the others.  I was thinking of playing a ex-church knight who has some very strange beliefs about the religion he once served.

Unlike the current trend of character funneling in DCC, we put a lot of planning into the creation of characters.  It's fun and makes you really invest a bit more.  Nothing wrong with funneling and it can be a ton of fun, but so is sculpting a character you want to play for a while.  Get a concept and run with it.

I'm also thinking of getting involved in some pick up games on Google+.  I want to try different games/systems.  Would love to give Call of Cthulu a go.  Haven't had the chance yet.  If anyone has a suggestion let me know.  Have a good one.