Monday, July 2, 2012

Killing Off Your Villians

Yesterday, I sat at my computer, turned off all the distractions and worked through the last of second issue of The Manor.  There is one small section that needs completed, but that will take no time. 

This issue is primarily two-parts.  Both are locations that you can plug into your fantasy campaign.  First, is Hugo's Healing Potions, a full realized shop for a GM to plop down and ready to go.  No baking required.  The second part was inspired by maps from Matt Jackson that I shared on my GM Games blog.  Smugglers Inn is a rough high level place where every sort of criminal gathers.  And of course there is a nasty secret behind the place. 

Smugglers Inn was giving me fits.  I had a bunch of ideas swirling in my head I wanted to include, but they were getting in the way of one another.  So I had to whittle it down and capture the essence of what I wanted.  Keeping it simple and fun.  There's an old saying 'You Need to Kill Your Darlings".  In this case "I Needed to Kill My Villians".  Not all of them.  Just the ones that were taking the spot light away from the focus. 

Anyway, I'm thinking after the holiday the second issue will be ready to mail out.  Need to do a read through and a polish edit.  I'm pretty happy with this issue.  I hope you guys enjoy it.

PS I wanted to make this post longer so I can push the picture of Kirk and Spock farther down so i don't have to keep looking at it.  I'm not doing that again.


  1. Looking forward to this next issue.

  2. Also looking forward to the next issues. Even moreso, looking forward to that picture moving off the front page ENTIRELY.

    That was NOT the image that I needed (a) in my brain or (b) on the screen as my wife chose that moment to walk in the room and look over my shoulder.

    Thanks, Tim. (grin)