Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sleestak Posters

A couple of awesome posters by Tom Whalen.  One of my excellent readers let me know about this.  I'm sorry I forgot who it was.  I believe it was Doc Grognard at Crawdads and Dragons

I like the green one better.  Green is a sleestak's natural habitat. 


  1. I like how Grumpy and Big Alice look like they are facing off for a fist-fight. However, based on the size of their fists, this prizefight would last a zillion rounds.

    And how about how Enik looks like he has a leisure suit?

  2. Great post. I finally have mine up, but backdated... about the new Land of the Lost movie

  3. I put the second as the desktop background of this little netbook I use in the wilderness. Thanks.


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