Monday, July 30, 2012

A Good, but Quiet Week at the Manor

Quiet, but not silent.  Look at the excellent items I got in the mail last week.  I was going to do a review of them, but decided each needed its own spotlight so I'll do individual reviews of each one.  In short, they are all very good. 

Gaming is back on Monday nights.  We're taking a break from the d20 world and tossing 3d6s around for GURPS.  One session in and we're playing a small group of mercenaries in a land that resembles a mixture of King Arthur and The Game of Thrones.  And sprinkle in some LOTR also. 

Wednesday nights are gearing back up this week.  Trey is adding a couple players for his Weird Adventures campaign and we're switching from the Pathfinder system to the WaRP system.  I have no experience with WaRP.  Looking forward to seeing how it works.  And to get into more trouble and explore that wonderful City of Trey's.

Sales for the Manor continue to do well.  I think the first issue of the Manor is creeping toward a 150 sales.  And the second is slowly climbing toward a 100.  Not quite there yet, but its been interesting to see how many PDFs of Knowledge Illuminates has sold because of the Manor. 

Starter Adventures is pretty much laid out.  I'll be sending it to a couple proofreaders this week.  Then grab a few pieces of art from Jason and it should be good to go.  I'm hoping to get it released by the end of August. 

Well, time for work.  I'm looking forward to rolling some virtual dice tonight. 


  1. I'm looking forward to the game too. My weekend was quiet in a bad way--I was plagued by intermittent DSL outages.

  2. I'm still waiting for my copy of Delve! to come in. Hopefully it comes before your review!