Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Grognardia Speaks

Sales for The Manor leveled out over the past week.  Which worked well since I am working on an editing project and work, blah, blah.  Won't bore you.  Then I open up my email and its full of orders this afternoon.  What the heck?  People ordering both issues which is great.  But what's with the spike.

I should have know.

James Mal did a review of the first issue of The Manor.  Thank you James for the review.  Each time someone does a review on an issue it equals to sales.  So basic math would tell you more reviews equals more sales.  But James brings a credibility that few of us bloggers can match.  I'm not sure if he likes this nickname, but he's kinda like the Oprah of the OSR.  He likes something people buy it.  I apologize ahead of time James for the comparison. 

The review gives you an excellent run down of the contents.  The only mistake I saw he did not include the excellent Poetry Slam by Rusty Battle Axe and the accompanying picture from Johnathan Bingham.  Good stuff.

Thanks again James.  Second issue will be headed north tomorrow.  And those who listened to James' sage advice and ordered copies, they will be headed your way early tomorrow.


  1. Ha Haa! "Oprah of the OSR!" Good one.

    Well, whether James likes it or not, I think he's stuck with it now.

  2. Great review! It makes me want to buy another copy of both issues!

  3. Very funny post, liked it !