Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The OSR Newsletter of Stuff

Wow.  I've been reading blogs a lot lately and was astounded by how much stuff is released or just about to be released.  I hope you have deep pockets OSRers because there is a ton of great stuff.  There are so many that I've broken it up into sections. 

I've been plopping money down on these lately.  At first I was a bit resistant.  I don't know why.  I guess it was a new concept for me, pay for something that doesn't exist? not a chance.  But that's all over with now since I have currently backed four projects...maybe its more...just don't tell Ivy.

Joseph Browning offers an OSR calander.  I love the concept of this.  And I really want to get in on this one, but I'll probably wait and hop on at the end.  And Joseph stuff has never disappointed.  Always quality stuff.

Tabletop Forge is churning out a Kickstarter to give players a lot of tools to enhance their game while using Tabletop Forge.  It's already funded and climbing closer to its final goal. 

Jon Marr is giving us The Crawler's Companion.  I recently got in on this one.  Last week I got my big fat DCC rule book and although I think its pretty cool there will be a lot of page flipping during a game.  In come the Crawler Companion which will simplify this and keep the game flow going. There is still time on this one to get in.

Appendix N Adventure Toolkit comes to us from John Adams.  This one is funded.  You really get a bang for your buck in the one.  I got in on this one also.  I'm not even sure how much I'm getting with this one.  It seems like I am going to need to clear a shelf just for it.

Oublieditor has created OSR character sheets for Indiegogo.  Get a couple tablets of character sheets so the next time your at a con or GMing a pick up game it makes it a ton easier to get people ready to go with these.  Very affordable.

Goblinoid Games is getting closer to fully funding Starships & Spacemen.   As it stands now they are $820 from hitting their $5000 set goal with 33 days left.  I love the bonus goal rewards on this one.  The little sickbay cracks me up.  If you need to explore the Final Frontier than get in on this one.

Then there is this beast called Rappan Athuk from Frog God Games.  Was it fully funded?  Yeah, just a little bit.  It has become the highest RPG product ever funded on Kickstarter.  Over a 1000 people got in on this one.  Amazing.

James Mal came out with his own megadungeon Dwimmermount.  No doubt this one was being funded.  I've been reading about it for a while on his blog and this was the first Kickstarter/Indiegogo I participated in.  He's been teasing us with pictures and updates lately so I am hoping to have that badboy in my hands soon.

Another megadungeon that is hugely popular is Greg Gillespie's Barrowmaze II.  This one was easily funded with many of the bonus goals met.  Yep, got in on this one also.  I think it was pretty smart for Greg to follow up so quickly behind the hugely successful original Barrowmaze.  Iv'e used it a couple times in my own campaign already.

Then we have James Raggi who always takes it to 11.  Or in this case he takes it to 19 with his Grand Adventures Campaign.  He's got 19 adventures from a ton of talented people on Indiegogo.  This campaign of adventures has just begun so there is plenty of time to get in on any of them. There are more than a few that interest me.

There are zines a plenty in the OSR.  Those little digest sized pieces of mail are the best.  I look forward going to the post office now.  

I have to start out with Loviatar.  Christian is ready to release his 12th issue.  Wow.  I got them all.  I'm glad he decided to keep the subscription and up the price.  Need to make it cost effective and a little money to kick back with a pizza once in while.  

Oubilieditor with his second entry has announced the 8th issue of Oubliette is available for print.  This is a magazine I've grown to appreciate and plan on getting the 4-8 issue compilation in print to add to my other.  He gets over 1500 downloads or more from his free PDF offering.  1500!  It is a great magazine to add to your collection.

Johnathan Bingham has announced he's in the final stage of editing Delve!  This is his first crack at zine writing.  I've had the privileged of to get an early peek at it (without all the fantastic artwork I know that's going to be included) and he better buy a lot of Italian postage and a very good printer.  This zine is going to get popular very quickly.  Its getting a final edit and should be out soon.

Matt Borselli over at Asshat Paladins is offering a free zone called Switching to Guns, Issue 33.  Head on over to his blog for the download.  Just seeing it tonight I haven't had a chance to look it over.  If you like it please give a shout out to Matt and let him know.  

Dak Ultimak the mad mind behind the thunderously popular DCC zine, has real the Issue 2 of Crawl!  I got the first one and now I am a subscriber.  This issue is the loot issue.  I'm hoping my copy is in my mailbox tomorrow. 

Oh yeah, and Manor #2 should be out by the end of this week.  Doing some editing and waiting on one final piece and it should be ready to go.  You'll be able to buy it in print or PDF.  And I have a 6 issue subscription button working if you fancy.  

Just for Fun
Tenkar over at his tavern has decided to run a monthly DCC RPG contest.  He's getting a lot of excellent backers for prizes.   The a fore mentioned Delve! zine is offering free copies and the a fore mentioned Purple Scourer Games is offering adventures.  Check out Tenkar's blog for details.  And who knows, by this time tomorrow night he may have Goodman agreeing to GM a game for the winner.

Rended Press is doing a month of monsters.  Create a critter and submit it and mwschmeer is going to make a cool little PDF for everyone to use.   I'm planning on contributing.  I just have to decide...tentacles or no tentacles.  

Independent Projects
I want to start off with Time Shadows world Urutusk.  I've been following her blog for years and looking forward to the chance of getting a copy of what she's come up with.  This has been a long time project of her's and now its at the editor.  The time for Urutusk is near.  UNtil then she has some downloads at her blog to get a taste of what's to come.

Omlet just released Towers of Krshal in print and pdf.  I have to admit I haven't too many details about it, but I've always been a fan of Underworld Kingdom and I really dig the title.  This one might be the sleeper of the this group.  

Matt Stater announced that Blood & Treasure is nearly done.  Matt is a writing machine.  I think he writes in his sleep.  This offering looks to be a game system.  He provides a list of the contents.  Another RPG for the OSR.  There always seems to be room for another.

JB announced (besides him being a slacker with blogging) that his second book is about to be unleashed.  And he's released the PDF version of his B/X Companion.  If you got the first one then I know you'll get the second.  I know I do and I will.

And last, but not least is my good friend Rob Conley mailed me over a copy of Scourge of the Demon Wolf the other night to edit.  I made him format it so I could do it proper.  It a big son of a bitch.  He's been working away at this one for a long time.  Its an adventure that takes full advantage of his Majestic Wilderlands supplement.  I haven't even looked at it yet, but very excited to start digging through. 

My god that's a ton of stuff the OSR is up to and I know I've missed stuff.  I tried to be as complete as possible.  If I've misspelled or misrepresented something please let me know so I can correct my error.  All the projects I've mentioned are all worthy of notice and success.  Good luck to all of them. 


  1. Thanks for mentioning my booklet!

  2. Too. Much. Produuuuuuct!!! :)

    In all seriousness, though: If I were to buy all of that (and we just keep producing more) then I'd be paying far more money than I was paying for all my Paizo subscriptions in past years. I don't know whether I really want to go there. Truly, the OSR offers an incredible amount of choice at the moment!

  3. Man, so much stuff out there!

  4. Thanks Tim. That's some post, and I can imagine it took a while to put together. It seems to me we badly need more like it, and all the more so with the volume of material being created. The community has the fire, and I think it has the audience, but we don't always do very much to spread the word. There's a lot going on below the headline events, as this post shows.

  5. Hey! Let me also plug my community project! We're filling out a dungeon. It's the second part of who-knows-how-many adventure path. A bit railroady, but fun! Come by and fill a room.

    The Young Green Dragon Over the Next Hill

  6. Gee, all of that makes me feel lazy since I don't actually do anything.


    - Ark

  7. I'm loving this stuff. I do wonder how Rappan Athuk can claim highest RPG product funding, when the Traveller5 Kickstarter ended at almost $300,000. However, I don't suppose that it matters all that much. Both were resoundingly successful, which is just awesome!