Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Review: Loviatar #12

Happy birthday Loviatar.  What an achievement.  Twelve issues in twelve months.  Not too shabby for a one man show.  I am only beginning to understand the amount of work it takes to get out an issue and there is no way I can see myself having the same production level as Christian.  Now on to the 12th zine.

This one weights in at 20 pages with the always atmospheric cover art by Jay Penn.   It's broken into four parts; Introduction, a GURPS werewolf, a Vampire (the Requiem) cop, and a BRP pair of dudes and one scary book.  Mixed in with these are QR codes that add a multimedia experience to his zine.  I'm glad he added the addresses because I don't have a smart phone or whatever it is you need to use them.  I think its a kick ass idea, one he's used in past issues.

This issue is heavily leaning toward characters and their situations.  Christian is great at capsulizing the people in his game.  He gives them subtle details that really make them easy to role-play if you choose to use them in your game.  

I'll end with the beginning, the introduction.  Christian is planning on shaking up the zine a bit.  He plans on having it become more of a personal.  Which I think will be a very interesting change.  He said he doesn't want to try to emulating an issue of Dragon every month.  Well for my money, I'll take a Loviatar over a issue of Dragon Magazine any time.  Except maybe the issue with the anti-paladins. 


  1. Happy Birthday. 12 issues. Amazing.

  2. Thanks, man. I love to write about people. I've always found NPCs to be my favorite thing about RPGs. It's so neat to explore them and the places where they live. :)

  3. Christian, just got my copy today and devoured it while waiting in line at the post office to mail issues of Delve! out. Great stuff!