Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cancellations and Anniverseries at the Manor

A lull in the game scape at the Manor this week.  Last night's game was cancelled because one player had another commitment and I have been slammed at work the last few weeks and just needed to rest.  I spend my days talking to people all day at work and sometimes when I get home I don't want to say a word.  I was going to add a Whisk joke here, but I don't think she would find it funny and she would hit me when I wasn't expecting it.

Wednesday I had to cancel for Trey's Weird Adventures game because it is mine and Whisk's 8th Wedding Anniversery.  Very cool and looking forward to spending the day with her doing whatever.  So no gaming that night.  I'd hate to be castrated on my anniversery.  Any day for that matter. 

So what's going on?  Not all gaming activities have stopped.  The Manor is in its final leg.  Whisk is finishing a recipe and the final article I'm waiting for.  This is one instance I with I was doing a nice color zine to add one of her food pictures.  I plan on doing proofs this week.  Send copies to second readers than off to everyone in blog land.  Oh, and my mother wants a copy.  She won't understand a word of it, but she needs to have a copy of whatever I write. 

I recently cracked open my old Tunnels & Trolls.  Just to read.  I like randomly picking things off the shelf to read.  With Tenkar's gift I wanted to refresh myself on the rules.  I looked through the adventures that I bought from Ken St. Andre at Origins last year.  Fun stuff.

Lunch is over.  Time for me to return to the pepper mines.  The salt mines are so yesterday.