Monday, April 23, 2012

The Manor, an Update

I spent this weekend finishing up the different sections. 

My work schedule has increased lately and I wasn't able to set aside the time I needed to do it.  And to tell the truth I was trying to figure out a direction I wanted to go.  So I just stood still for a couple weeks, but found which way I wanted to head and went back to work.  I took a lot of time to rework one of the pieces I wasn't happy. with.  It was a bit too skeletal.  And I added a new piece.

Whisk will look over it today and do some proof reading, minor edits and point out layout issues.  I hope to send copies to my proof readers mid week.  So by next week I should have everything done and ready to shove it out the door.  After doing this I have a lot more respect for Christian and how much work goes into one of these zines.  They are deceivingly small and he makes it look easy.

The good part though is I already have half or three quarters of issue #2 written.  When I finally get #1 out the door I'll hit the ground running with the next issue.

Pricing and subscriptions.  I'm going to use the same price point as Christian, $3.50 US, $4 Canada and $4.75 Overseas.  As far as subscriptions, there won't be a subscription offer yet.  It depends on how well #2 goes.

When I wrote short stories there was nothing more satisfying than having that final crisp copy in your hands.  And I'm getting that excitement again.  Just holding the second draft in my hands I can see the end product now.   

If I could only get the page numbers to stop being such a huge pain in my ass.