Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Two OSR Indiegogo Projects and an Orc

Not much going on in the Manor these days.  So I thought I would post some links to some OSR indiegogo projects.

Greg announced on his Discourse & Dragons blog he started a pledge drive for Barrowmaze II.  Smart move.  With the huge success of the the original Barrowmaze I think he'll have an easy time reaching his goal.  I'm curious to see how far over his goal he'll get.

Stuart Robertson, creator of the Weird West RPG announced he started a pledge drive to create six miniatures for his game.  The six miniatures include, Abraham Lincoln, Billy the Kid, American Werewolf, Victorian Vampire, Indian Princess and the Mummy Outlaw.  For some reason I've been digging western themes, probably in part I've been playing a lot of Red Dead Redemption.  So the timing of this one sounds cool.  I'm hoping to see sketches of the proposed miniatures.  The mummy outlaw...I gotta see that one.

Dylan Hartwell over at Digital Orc released his follow up project called the Horrendous Heap of Sixteen Cities.  He does his own artwork that I enjoy.  It's got a original angle for gaming.  At least one I have not heard of before.  I plan on snagging this one after I get done writing this post.  And if you get a chance download his Digital Orc fanzines.  They are on the right column to look at.

That's all for now.  Support these guys if you have the means and the desire to do so.  All three of them have proven to put out good, if not great products.