Friday, April 27, 2012

Issue #1 Contents

Here is a list of the contents in issue #1 of The Manor.

It will start off with a brilliant introduction by me.  Whisk asked, "Why are you doing an introduction?  Does anyone read those things?"  I have no idea.  Then there is a micro adventure than can be run quickly to fill in time.  This adventure could actually be run if one part of the party is dicking around shopping while another party member is standing around holding the bags.  Next part is a d12 table by Jason Sholtis which ties into the micro adventure.  A piece call Rural PA.  This entry focuses on the horrid Ghoul House.  The a table of twenty random forest encounters.  Poetry slam by none other than Rusty Battle Axe accompanied by brilliant artwork by Johnathan Bingham.  A random map which may or may not be included depending on space allowance.  The last section is a write of of a Street Vendor with adventure hooks.  So I squeezed a lot of stuff into 24 pages.

The other things included will be three 'advertisements' for the current products I like.  I have two on a page inside the zine and one on the back cover.  I did not get paid to do this or asked I'm doing to to just share some obvious knowledge that these are great products.

Artwork is done by Jason Sholtis who did the cover which I absolutely love.  And Johnathan Bingham added two fantastic pieces for the inside.  I gotta say the artists in the OSR are great guys to work with and very helpful.  During this process I had a couple of other say they would help also.  Thanks to Johnathan and Jason.  And the others who I'll probably be contacting soon. 

I'll finish edits today.  I may even take a half day from work and get something done.  One last detail is, PDF pricing will be $2.50.  So those across the seas will get a nice price break, nearly half, while those in the US would be getting a small break.  Not a big enough one so you should order the print version.  And as Matt Jackson requested, signed.  Not by me, but by Whisk.  Thanks Matt.  :P