Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Quick Game Night Recap w/ Pictures

**Warning.  Some of the following images may disturb, nay terrify, nay make one yucky.  Read at you're own risk**

The party camped outside the tomb entrance.  The cleric excused himself  to take a pee.  This pee will last two more weeks.  They heard a scream.

"What was that?" 

"I dunno."

Sneak. Sneak.

Skeleton in armor standing over two bodies. 


Stabby. Stab. 

Skeleton crumbles.

Armor is formed onto the bones so this makes Boog sad.


Enter the tomb. 


To the north, the door is ajar.

Five skeletons inside.

Skeletons killed.

Searchy.  Search.

Door.  Secret.  Stuck.  Shit.

Boog bashes.


Boog pries.


Little halfling Grim pulls little level.


Grim the lever puller enter crawl space.

Boog to big to fit.

Slimey in there.

Oh wait, there's something wrong.

Enveloped by a trapper!

Cough.  Couch.  Gasp.

Tavi the Bard tosses 30 hit dice of fireballs from his necklace.

Grim the lever puller, crispy, but barely alive.

Boog smears healing ointment on Grim.

Boog feels uncomfortable.

Weird screaming.

Dwarf running with a heavy backpack.

Chased by three ghouls.

Boog paralyzed.

Munchy. Munch.

Bard fillets ghoul.

Grim rubs healing ointment on Boog.

Grim feels uncomfortable.

Tavi saves dwarf.  He has lots of stuff.

Tavi makes sure dwarf is ok.

Grim goes through his things.

Finds potions.

Finds big gem.

Cuts off heavy backpack.

A large black prayer wheel falls out.

Spell shoots at Grim.

Spell Turning ring.

Grim happy.  Woohoo.

Spell lands on Tavi.

Saving throw.

Tavi falls to the ground as his skin quickly turns black.

End of session.


So last night the party got into room one.  But it was fun.  A lot of fun.  I told them "Wait til you get to room two."