Saturday, April 7, 2012

Notice of Impending Assassination

One of the props I like to use in game is a billboard.  I've written about it a couple of times.  I was cleaning up the office and found an old disc.  A group of assassins known as the Death Arrows post Death Certificates on the billboard.  Why would a assassin guild do this?

The first part of the answer is The Death Arrows are civilized and business men.  They believe it's proper to give someone a chance to put their affairs in order.   There is no known case where someone escaped a contract. 

The second part, it allows others to seek compensation for outstanding loans.

And lastly, it gives the target a sporting chance.  Though once their death is proclaimed it's only a matter of time before they assume room temperature, but the Death Arrows prefer to give a fighting man a chance to not go quietly into the ever night. 

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