Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Question

There are a ton of great games being played on Google+ these days.  I keep seeing games I want to play in.  Which game or games offered on Google+ would you most want to play in?


  1. I'm not paying attention to what's available to be honest, but Trey's Weird Adventures for sure, and a Hereticwerks game of any kind, in Riskail or Wermspittle, or the Kalaramar Drifts, and the Hill Cantons also look like a lot of fun.

    Just a little off-topic, have you ever thought about running Knowledge Illuminates or the salt pit, or maybe an adventure based on each issue of The Manor as it comes out? I'm sure there are people who'd love to see how you approach the material, and it could help uptake too.

  2. The one you are going to run :)

  3. Porky, you got me there. No I haven't. That would be a cool idea. And btw, glad to have you back again.

    Zz, I was just thinking the same thing about your game.

  4. It's tough to say. I've enjoyed playing just about everything I've played--and which I had the time to play more. A lot of it is about people I've yet to get the chance to play with.

    I am looking forward to restarting Weird Adventures, though. :)