Monday, June 25, 2012

Game Night Resumes

New player tonight.  Elf.



What kind of equipment can I get.

Don't worry about it.

Session starts.

So you are all dead.


Fog.  Always foggy when your dead.

God shows up.  God of Dead.  Shitty gig.

Plug a hole.  Undead are leaking out.

Party is the plug.

Black book is making hole.

Can have one item

Boog...I want my halberd.

Grim...I want my wait

Tavi...I want my lute

Grim...I want my wait

Elf...I want my familiar


March down tunnel.

Always tunnels when your dead.

 Into undead land.

Boog charge and kill them all.

Grim...No wait...damn.

Boog wait.  Boog say me your master march.

March.  March.

Fight lightning axes.


Kill kill kill.

March. March.

Look.  The book.

Boog...that not right book.  March.

Magic items.

Tavi...Oh no my hands a mace.


Elf scouts area.

Finds real book.

Familiar dies when it peeks at bodak.

Elf sad.

March.  March.

Boog charge and kill them all.

Grim...No wait...damn.

Kill. Kill.


Meet old PC who stole bad book.

GM ends game. wait...damn.

End Session.