Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm Now a 7th Level Dead Guy

Cast of Characters
Boog - once a half-orc, now a full orc once a 7th level fighter, now a 6th level paladin - Rob
Grim - halfling 7th level thief - Brian
Corum - human 6th level cleric - Ken
Tavi - human 5th level bard - Josh (who played intermittently over the cell phone)
GM - me

The players proceeded deeper into the Catacombs of the Death God, Homikas.  With nearly a million in silver in their bag of holding they head south.  South, because the newly created champion of the dead, Boog, feels that is the was out.

The session picked up as three heavily  skeleton warriors rushed the party.  Boog set his halberd and tore off a large section of the first charging undead.  Twisting it around and sending it into a pit that divided the hallway.  The second and third skeletal warriors moved fast.  They cleared the pit with ease crashing their heavy mace into and already wounded Tavi and Boog. 

The battle continued with Boog thrashing off balance, his wounds had taken their toll as he tried to fend off the much faster opponent.  Tavi fell under the barrage of massive blows.  It was the skill of the thief that whittle away at one of the skeletal warriors and a mighty blow from Corum that shattered another.  Corum's strike so true and powerful left his arm weak and unusable afterwards.

Despite their many wounds the party moved on.  Corum did what healing he could.  South.  The came scross a door that lead south and found a room full of corpses stripped of flesh laying in four inches of water.  Corum spoke to one of the bodies and it kept screaming about the water before it collapsed lifeless again.  They decided not to go this way.

They searched a room, Grim having a sense for all things hidden, found a secret door.  He crawled through to find a large golem cover in magical runes.  They planned on how to approach the battle, but Boog being Boog rushed the golem and sliced through its metal hide cause several of the runes illumination to fade.  But the golem proven too strong for Boog and it pounded him close to death.  If it had not been for the Shield of Sacrifice he wore Boog's demise would have been premature. 

Grim with his quickness and smallness weaved through the hallway and managed to use a healing ointment on Boog to revive him and head through the door to the south.  As they entered the room they came across a mirror and Boog was immediately entranced by it.  He walked toward the mirror seeking something.  The urge that what he'd been looking for was just within his grasp.

Grim attempted to break the mirror drawing his magic sword, but the usually fleet of foot halfling stumbled upon the raised dais and fell headlong into the mirror knocking himself out.  In this time, Boog stepped in front of the mirror to fall within an pit.

Corum managed to get by the golem, but as he entered the room he to was entranced by the magic of the mirror.  But Tavi used his song to neutralize the mirror's effect.  It also kept the golem pacified as he also slipped into the room.  Tavi though, upon entering was bewitched by the mirror and he plunged into the pit.  With no healing, no companions, no exits out of the room as the golem waited by the door, Corum jumped into the pit.

After an indeterminate amount of time.  The player awoke in a dark, featureless land.  Ground fog swirled around them as they stood.  Grim asked, "Boog, do you still feel your god's presence?"

Boog stiffened.  "Ah oh.  He a lot closer than Boog like."

Session end.

The adventure I've been running the players through the past few session is Barrowmaze with many enhancements.  

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  1. Sounds like a great dungeoncrawl you've got going there.