Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Strategy for Free RPG Day

Free RPG Day is nearly upon us.  While it may not stack up against free comic book day, it's the one that counts for me.  And about four years ago, was a large factor in my return to gaming.  Hold your boos until the end of the post.

So after mapping the gaming the store, checking the weather then selecting the proper footwear and clothing it time to get your people.  Yes, people.  Hopefully, non-gamers.  Why?  This answer is two-fold.  One, if they aren't gamers then you can tell them which free stuff you want.  Maybe get a little something extra you weren't expecting.  At the gaming shop I go to you can select one item.  If you are a member you get to select two.  I'm not a member because the gamer guy up there is a dick.  The second fold in this answer is, if they aren't a gamer maybe they will be after checking out all the different stuff offered and there are enough quick starts to get someone interested.

I plan on taking Ivy.  That way I can get two items.  While I love getting the commemorative d6, the store keeps them and hands them out to the special customers.  Which I can understand, but I'll still try to get one.  Plus they are only getting four per box.  I think in years past they got 6.

My choices will be to get Goodman Games Quickstart for DCC.  And while I'm at the store I plan on picking up the big fat rulebook.  Then I'll either get the Harn map or one of the several Pathfinder adventures.  While I've never played Pathfinder I like reading their stuff.

So plan your Free RPG Day accordingly.  Plan ahead.  You're less likely to pull a muscle or come way with a nasty scratch from the dice display.  So let's be careful out there.