Saturday, June 30, 2012

I Brought Home a Zombie

I went back to my local gaming store to get a 30-sider and a new comic.  As usual, no 30-sider.  No biggie, someone on-line just got my order...again.  But, comics they aren't lacking.  I have been into comics since they started charging fifty cents.  So that will give you a few decades of years I haven't even cracked open one.  This summer I've been wanted to get back in them.  Just read some good old comics, find some new ones I've never heard of.  At the book store there are sooooo many I had no idea which ones were good, which ones sucked.  I thought about going for my safe bet, with Fantastic Four, but I wanted something different.  I browsed and then I hit the Zs.  There it was.  I knew that was the one I was getting today.

Never heard of the comic before, but I got it now.  Read the first part and felt like I should have made a tent out of blankets in the living room, turned off all the lights and read it by flashlight.


  1. It's pretty good, as I recall. Marvel has done an Essential collecting all the zombie stories you might want to check out if you like this one.

  2. I am new to comics and am hooked. One thing that is really surprising to me is how cool, friendly and inviting the comic stores here in LA are. I hope you enjoy the zombies!

  3. I've always had a love of comics. To me they went along with gaming like peanut butter goes with jelly. I go through spurts where I'll collect and then go crazy and then abstain for a while. I'm in one of my abstinence phases at the moment but I do like to buy the occasional collected edition every now and again. I am thinking about getting the Steve Ditko archive stuff and some more Jack Kirby stuff. My biggest problem is that I have no more room for anything ;)!

  4. Trey I did get the Essential Zombie. Hmm, sounds like a monster I need to stat out.

    Christian I used to love comics back in the day. And I think I've been a little hesitant to get back into them because then I'll find another money sink.

    Johnathan That's the other thing that's kept me from getting into comics. I have a big of a collector bug in me and I really don't have a ton of space. Plus, I've been out so damn long I'm not sure what's good.

  5. I miss working a comic book store. Probably still the best job I've had, but such things never last. that was almost 15 years ago, and now there's no where in my town to grab stuff, so It's just the occasional collected edition from the bookstore. *sigh*