Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sleestak Father's Day

The sleestak don't care that's its Father's Day Marshal.  Stay in the light or your ass is theirs.    Happy Father's Day and here's your fricking tie.

So Free RPG Day was yesterday and I've seen a bunch of posts of who got what.  Now while I'm thankful for a local (some what local I have to drive 35 minutes) gaming store to participate they tend to find a way to screw it up.  At least this year there was no dickhead behind the counter.  Actually the guy was pretty cool and helpful.  He even looked for the 6d commemorative die, but he couldn't find any.

We are permitted to pick one item.  One.  Despite the fact each year they have a bunch of them left over.  Unless you are a member then you get to pick two.  Fair enough.  I can see allowing members a little extra.  While the guy behind the counter was a good guy he wasn't a gamer and wouldn't know an AD&D Player's Handbook from one of the eighteen 4th edition PHBs.

One of my goals after scoring a couple free items was to pick up the DDC core rulebook.  They didn't have any.  They had one copy for the day.  You're participating in Free RPG Day, but you don't carry the newest and most interesting things so people can buy them?  This is what irks me about the place.  It is more about the comic books there.  Which is cool.  I've been reading so much about comics lately I decided to pick up one of those fat books of comics.  But, its RPG Day, maybe order a few extra. 

Mulling over the big, fat comics I decided on the Fantastic Four.  They were my favorite comic when I was a kid and The Thing my favorite superhero.  Don't get me started on those crap movies they made.  They made Dr. Doom boring.  Anyway, I go the Marvel Masterworks version because it was in color.  The Essential was all in black and white.  If I'm reading a comic I want it in all its gaudy colors.

So when I got home from my trip I order DCC online.  As much as I would like to support the store and have tried to they make it very difficult for me.  And there are so many options online so and they have what I want so they get the money.  I also order the Peter Mullen box from Brave Halfling Publishing to store all the zines I've been collecting lately.  One of my brilliant readers suggested it.

As far as Free RPG Day I did get two items.  But I'm sending them out to unaware readers of mine who couldn't attend or they have no local store that participates.  Because sometimes its just cool to get random gifts.


  1. Those sleestaks got no respect.

  2. Every time there's a Free Anything Day I have to work. But it's all good, I've been reading quite a few comics this year and should write about them soon. The Fantastic Four was always a personal favorite. I hear they are called the Future Foundation now...

  3. Sleestaks could take The Thing if they existed!

  4. With a raygun, maybe, I just don't know about that? I always thought that the Thing was pretty cool.