Monday, June 11, 2012

GM Games Blog Open

Yeah, it finally happened.  I did a second blog.  I thought it was getting a little crowded here so I put all the goodies over on GM Games.  I've got the subscription button up for The Manor.  You'll get updates of the different things I'm working on and when they are for sale, you can go there and shop away.

Like all things, I plan on just having a good time with it.  Those who join the GM Games I plan on doing a couple giveaways and just fun and goofy stuff.  Who knows.  

Gothridge Manor will remain my blog for general yapping about RPGs, superheroes, movies, campaigns, occasionally music and when Ivy hijacks my blog, probably food, couponing or some sort of bodily function.

GM Games, join and you'll have a better day because of it.


  1. Looks good man, I'll add it to my blog roll.

  2. The "Buy Now" button on the subscription page isn't taking me to PayPal when I click it.

  3. Brendan Thanks, much appreciated.

    mwschmeer Damn, my computer-fu fails me once again. Popping the hood and checking out the problem. Thanks for letting me know.

  4. Congrats! Am also adding to my blogroll.