Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Computer or Where the Hell Are All My Product Codes?

I got my new computer on Friday.  It's got an I7 processor, 10 gig of RAM, 1.5 terabyte harddrive, Blu-Ray Player, and a 1 gig Vid Card.  But the best thing about it is its quiet.  The recent computers I've had sound like one of those Everglade fan boats.  Loud.  This one I can't even tell that its running.  Now Ivy wants one.

With a new computer comes a little game I like to play called, Where the hell are all my product codes.  Absolutely love this game.  In the past the main reason I got a new computer because my old one took a dirt nap.  And guess where all those codes are at?  At least this time I was able to get some of the codes from the old computer, but the rest I had to scramble to websites I forgot about and passwords I had no chance of remembering.  But I got skype running, Fantasy Grounds going (but not completely up dated), my Xara program, GURPS character assist, and iTunes.  There is still a lot of work to be done, but I happy with the results so far.

With my new computer I plopped down a few c-notes for MS Professional Office to get Publisher.  I thought about waiting for the new version release later this fall, but that's later this fall and I need it now.  I think it will be a huge help with the projects I've got boiling in the stew.

Because of this computer switch I fell behind a little on a couple of things I promised for other people.  I apologize and plan on hitting your projects next.  I hope I didn't inconvenience anyone. 

Meanwhile, I am gearing up for Free RPG Day this Saturday.  I hope it will go better than last year.  Ivy has the day off so that means I'll get a second item.  I'm planning on picking up a new copy of DCC.  I've heard so much about it, playtested it and bought the fan zine so Goodman Games has hit from every side.  Might as well and get it. 

Off to search my other computer for a few more files.