Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January Mythoard

In December I had the privilege of participating in the very first Mythoard box.  I thought it was a great success.  +Jarrod Shaw set out a goal to sell a 100 subscriptions for the first month and hit his goal in a little over two weeks.  Dice, art, maps, adventures, tiles and random tables were all included in the first box.  A lot of good stuff.  But...

January's box looks to be even better.  Jarrod has been hard at work lining up a whole new set of publishers to participate:

Black Paperclip Games
Lesser Gnome
Inkwell Ideas
Stormlord Publishing
Chubby Monster Games
Monkey Blood Design
and one or two more.

If you are a gamer this lineup has to get you salivating for what you'll find in this month's box.  Jarrod done an excellent job of diversifying the box. 

And what I like best about Mythoard is you get to sample different folks' work that maybe you have only heard about or may not have heard about at all.  In December's box I found the blue dungeon tiles by +Kevin Chenevert of Red Kobold Games fantastic.  I'd heard of them, but it wasn't until I got a sample of the blue dungeon tiles that I saw how great they are. 

Oh wait, and then he has Engine Publishing participating in a giveaway, the MEGA HOARD!  You could win the five book ultimate bundle from Engine Publishing.

Jarrod has set up a simple subscription page.  You can sign up for a single month to give it a try.  And there is also a 3-month and 6-month subscription.  I even made it easy for you, just push the link and you'll be magically delivered to the subscription page.

I know Jarrod has been working hard to line up publishers for future boxes.  I really dig what he's doing and thinks its a great idea.  I mean come on, getting a box of random gaming stuff in the mail each cool is that?!?  Sample new publishers, get more dice, you know any true gamer know you can NEVER have enough dice, miniatures, adventures, maps and stuff I would have never thought of.  Give yourself a surprise gaming gift each month because...