Friday, January 9, 2015

Ossuary of a Death God

Ossuary of a Death God is my 17th offering on my Patreon page.  Click the link to take a ride over to my page to download the adventure.  It's free to everyone and special thanks goes out to my 29 patrons who support my doodles and scribbles.  Some of them will be getting a hard copy version in the mail.  (psst, probably with Batman stamps because they have them for sale at the post office) 

This is more of a one-shot adventure than a micro-adventure.  And the scope of it could possible alter or at least add an additional element to a campaign.  In this adventure I introduce Ballor, one of the nine death gods.  Also, one of my favorite NPCs is included, the Adversary, a god killer who siphons the life essence from gods to use as ink on the scroll of knowledge.  I think he kinda kicks ass if I do say so myself.

The challenges the party is going to encounter are for mid-level.  Some of the things they could encounter could devastate any future plans they may have had.  Of course this is dependent on their choices.  There are a few twists and elements that I've used before or will use again in the future.  Many of the adventures I write do have some sort of connective tissue between them.

Anyway, its Friday.  Here's a free adventure.  Enjoy!