Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Lost Treasure of the Bone Soldiers

The Lost Treasure of the Bone Soldiers is my latest Patreon offering.  To get players interested in the adventure I was thinking of just throwing a treasure map in the way.  A crude thing that mentions buried treasure. Simple, but effective.  This adventure is short, but thick with character ending possibilities.  First there is the simple you fall a 100' and turn into broken meat sack.  Then there is the harpies charm ability, depending on the game this could be a permanent situation.  And lastly, the life draining ability of the wraith.  That ain't no joke.  
I introduce a group in this adventure, but I don't give any background.  Bone Soldiers.  Anyone who has read Starter Adventures will find mention of them in magic-user entry, On the Road.  Bone Soldiers are a group of folks dedicated to the necromantic arts.  One of their artifacts was hidden here many years ago.  

Until next adventure, keep you dice wet with the blood of the party and never forget, the slice of pizza is always the GMs.