Monday, January 5, 2015

Random Monday Map 3

Hey, Maps are about all I can handle on Mondays.  I seem to be drawing them a lot these days.  I thought I would try a little different style this time.  Some of it I think worked, some of it not so much.  I tried to emulate (had to make sure I used the right word, didn't want someone think I set myself on fire...immolate...two total different things that sound a lot a like) master map makers like +MonkeyBlood Design, +Dyson Logos and +matt jackson.  They are able to convey depth and texture using black pens of varying depth, width and shading.

Whisk bought my first set of Micron Pens for Christmas.  I lined them up and studied their maps a bit.  When to use the thicker pens compared to the thin pens.  I think I have a better grasp on it.  This is my clumsy attempt.

Forest: I like over all.  Gave them more texture and I like the different between the border where I used the .

Rocks: meh.  Usually when I do these in color I do a brown bade around them to make them pop.  I tried to draw piles of rocks.  Then tried to add a little texture to them, but it turned out like suck.

Creek: I think it looks okay.  A few little rocks in the water.  I would like to develop a better way to draw creek/river banks.  I used the hashes to show difference in the level, while I like it for hills I would like to find something different for the banks.

House: Okay, Need to work on the rooftop.  I like where its going though.

Cave:  I added the feature of the wall depth in the rooms and along the outside.  I think it works.  Need to give a little time.  I do like the stippling (which I just discovered was not stimpling). 

The hardest part about drawing the map is not reaching for my colored pencils!  It was painful.