Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Feature: Strange Stars

+trey causey has recently released his much anticipated Strange Stars.  Its a setting book for space adventures.  Right now it is available in PDF at RPGNow and Trey is waiting on the proof for the print copy.  I plan on grabbing a hard copy as soon as its available.

I think Strange Stars is amazing.  It looks incredible.  The artwork and layout are fantastic and pleasing to read.  Trey's created a sandbox in space to tromp around in and the way the book is laid out, the information is a joy to read, easy to find to reference and compare. 

It's nice to break away from the fantasy genre once in a while.  To strap on a laser rifle instead of a longsword.  Getting into fights with killer robots instead of orcs.  And getting in trouble at the local bar...well, I guess some things don't change across genres. 

Seriously consider getting this book.  It's got an old time feel with new ideas.  I think Trey has done an incredible job.  I hope to get a future generation of Boris (my character in his Weird Adventures game) kicking it into hyperdrive, guns blasting while smoke a cheap cigar. 

Hell yeah.


  1. Thanks for the plug, Tim! I definitely have to give a lot of credit to Lester (who did the layout) and the artists as this sort of relatively short text but still (hopefully) informative wouldn't have been possible without them.

  2. The cover is reminiscent of the Elmore Star Frontiers cover; is that intentional? Is this similar to SF? What system does it use?

  3. The illustration is indeed an homage. This is a system-free setting book. Forthcoming are system books with implementations for Fate and for old school style sci-fi like Stars Without Number. Maybe more systems in the future, like Traveller, but that's still up in the air at the moment.

  4. This looks awesome. I noticed the SF feel as well. can't go wrong there. And HUGE kudos for making it system-neutral. I'm becoming a bigger and bigger fan of that approach to setting material myself.

    1. Thanks, Tom. I do think it's pretty much the best way to go with new setting stuff, particularly since most people are going to usually treat a setting book like a buffet and take what they want and leave the rest.