Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Feature: Strange Stars

+trey causey has recently released his much anticipated Strange Stars.  Its a setting book for space adventures.  Right now it is available in PDF at RPGNow and Trey is waiting on the proof for the print copy.  I plan on grabbing a hard copy as soon as its available.

I think Strange Stars is amazing.  It looks incredible.  The artwork and layout are fantastic and pleasing to read.  Trey's created a sandbox in space to tromp around in and the way the book is laid out, the information is a joy to read, easy to find to reference and compare. 

It's nice to break away from the fantasy genre once in a while.  To strap on a laser rifle instead of a longsword.  Getting into fights with killer robots instead of orcs.  And getting in trouble at the local bar...well, I guess some things don't change across genres. 

Seriously consider getting this book.  It's got an old time feel with new ideas.  I think Trey has done an incredible job.  I hope to get a future generation of Boris (my character in his Weird Adventures game) kicking it into hyperdrive, guns blasting while smoke a cheap cigar. 

Hell yeah.