Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Taking 5E Attunement to the Wood Shed

Last night +Ken H decided we needed to do some bookkeeping before starting our session of Monteport.  Book keeping in the way of attunement...I was "What the hell is that?"  In the DMG, on pages 136 & 138, there is a rule that some magic items need to be attuned to the person so that an individual can reap the magical benefits.  A maximum of three items can be attuned to a person at one time.  And not all magical items need to be attuned.

I understand it, but not a fan.  It's a bit fufu for me.  You sit with your magic item during a short rest to get attuned. 

Here's my take on it, for whatever it's worth.  It 's a rule to restrict characters that adventure within a magical item rich campaign.  Like a restrictor plate.  It's there to regulate the power, in this case, the power gained by having a bunch of magic items.  

My opinion is if your going to have a magic rich campaign run with it.  If you want players to have fewer magic items than don't place them in your world.  +Joshua Macy said it felt fiddly, and that's a great word to describe it.

Now I am not bashing.  Not at all.  And I think it's interesting that Ken put it into play.  It created a lot of discussion and thought.  And I am not a huge fan of thinking.  I know +Chris C. liked the rule a lot.  Adding a different element of strategy.  I don't remember the opinions of +Rob Conley or +Douglas Cole.  

I'm curious what others think of attunement and how its played out in your game.  While I am not a fan of the rule, I am curious to how it plays.