Monday, January 26, 2015

Random Map Monday 6

I started a Patreon campaign back in June 2014, this was the map for my first offering.  A roadside encounter.  A simple encounter, but the map has a lot of features.  
Traveling on the road. 
  • Sparse woods 
  • Boulders/rocks
  • Muddy creek banks 
  • Small creek 
  • Cliff side
  • Small cavern
While it is a simple encounter, local tinker gets kidnapped by a bad guy, the environment helps make it feel a bit larger in scope.  Plus, I like to use different colors in the map to give the map some texture.  I like how it turned out overall.  I would have liked a better cavern and cliff side.

This week I begin to work on Manor #8 in earnest.  I have a fantastic article about grappling to kick it off.  And another group of critters created by another OSRian.  I'm looking forward to getting it started.

Happy Map Monday folks.