Thursday, January 8, 2015

Distorted Perception

Last night while driving home in the winter storm I temporarily became disoriented.  Not from drugs or the booze.  Both of those passed through my system hours earlier.  It was from the weather and the fact I could see only 20' ahead of me.  This is the same road I travel twice or more a day for about 15 years.  So I should know it.  I of course like others, rely on landmarks to identify where I am.  Since I couldn't see the houses, trees or side roads, I was 'lost' for about a minute.

It got me thinking if game terms where weather is often ignored, but can play a huge factor in the game.  I suppose a druid could have some effect on it since that's their thang, but all the other classes would find themselves at the mercy of the storm. 

I don't have any thing more to say about, I've got no penalty modifiers or random catastrophe tables for you, but thought about.

I'm done.

I haven't abandon Ashmore.  Part 3 will be posted tonight.