Wednesday, January 19, 2011

1-19-11 Newbie Blog Award

I thought it was time to announce the next winner of the Newbie Blogger Award.  Mike Monaco (no he didn't win he's a crusty old blogger) made a nomination for the next blogger who I absolutely agree deserves to get the next award.

And the winner is: Arkhein of Rather Gamey!  This is a fun blog about gaming.  I've been reading it daily.  I might misunderstand what he says sometimes or he doesn't explain it well enough or if its just both of us he does not bore.  Go join his blog.  If nothing else, read his blog, The Talk.  We may all need to do this sometime.  Be prepared!

Congrats Askhein.  Great work.


  1. Oh wow. An award! Thanks Tim. And thanks Mike too. I've finally hit upon a subject that I care enough to write about. I'm glad that it's something that other people can read without their head hurting too much.

    Yeah! An award! I'm sitting out near my mail box, eagerly awaiting the crate with the sexy glowing fishnet leg lamp in it. Oh how I can't wait to bask in the soft glow of electric sex.

    Um, that is what you are sending, Tim . .. right? Tim . . . ? Hello? Is this thing on?

    - Ark

  2. Kudos to Rather Gamey! Just started reading recently - good stuff.

  3. @TopKat - Hey thanks a ton!

    @Whisk - Hey than . . . waitaminute. Did I just get called a Newb? I might resemble that remark.

    - Ark


    My CAPCHA phrase for this post was


    The CAPCHA Gods are laughing because they made my type that.

    Skank A Doo to you too.

  4. Yeppers. That was me. Hahaha. I'm one too, though. Headed to work. Eat well, Ark.