Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dying, It's Okay

Game night has come and gone and I am dead.  Ashling was frozen by the breath of a shadow dragon doing nearly double the damage as he had hit points.  But it's okay.

The adventure developed after a good ally of the party was kidnapped.  This led the party to my elven homeland and to a section of the forest that had been corrupted by demons.  An ancient forest spirit call a taigh (pronounced tag) was at the center of this corruptedness (I know it's not a real word).  A demon had managed to possess it.  Bad news.  Cool adventure.

We spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to approach the taigh, how we would enter the forest.  I'd considered about flying right in, but we decided not to do that for some reason.  Instead we dove right in after some preparation, we were going to use limited teleport spells in case things got too ugly.  Much of what we encountered were shadows and shadow snakes. 

One encounter I used my cube of force power when a gigantic purple worm swallowed the party hole.  Luckily the digestive juices were kept out by the cube.  Then I think we unleashed three fireballs inside of the purple worm before we got out.  That could have gotten ugly really fast. 

Then Rob used the maps for the Vile Worm and the Eldritch Oak (from BHP S&W whitebox) as the frame of the final part of the adventure.  The map for that adventure is great.  Once inside the taigh (a giant tree) we discovered the demon intertwined with the tree.  I didn't get to do too much before I was hit by the Shadow Dragon's freezing breath.  I critically failed the saving throw.  So instead of halving the damage I took double the damage.  I guess I am sorta like Han Solo now in carbon freeze, but nowhere as cool. 

Oelander and Syrinvald finished off the demon and freed the taigh and that's where it ended.  With me dead.  But like I said, it's okay.  It was a very cool adventure and Ashling took all the as many precautions as he could to increase his survival, but one bad dice roll is sometimes all it takes. 

I guess this is where I disagree with others out there who argue over a death of a character because of a bad dice roll.  I think it made the Shadow Dragon much more significant.  It was a powerful creature that should be able to wipe out someone in a single blow.  It should be able to consume a party who comes ill prepared.  Why nerf it?  Why make it easy?  Step away from the fudge and let the dice add the excitement.  I would have been less enthusiastic about the adventure had the GM taken mercy on me.  I would rather get killed in a fun game than continue on in a game where there is little danger. 

If you roll bad and die, it's okay.  Maybe my party members, if I have treated them kindly and that has yet to be determined, will find a way to bring me back.  But even if they don't I am fine with rolling up a new character and exploring the world through the new guy's eyes.